What we do

By establishing a strong network of dedicated suppliers we provide and bring smart, fast and unique solutions right to your table.

Project management

Are you currently short of project managers or just overloaded? We have a solution for you. Just chose from our short or long term excellent project management services with proven references.

We can help you to take care and serve your clients on your behalf with 100% confidentiality agreement and to yours and clients’ satisfaction. The scope of offered services is large and the choice is only yours – PRM, tender preparation pack, presentation preparation, data entry and much more.

Design, development engineering

With over 10 years of experience in design and development we bring smart and innovative solutions right to your table to maximize your selling potentials.

Rendering, development, layout preparations, engineering, prototyping – you name it.

Design is our passion and part of our everyday life.

Transforming spaces from ordinary to extraordinary premises

Production, quality control, delivery, warehousing

By establishing a strong supply chain connection we are able to provide smart fast and unique production services ensuring successful execution of all projects.

All suppliers are carefully chosen and the choice reflects the scope and need of individual projects. All is tailored to client’s requests with extra care.

(production, quality control, packaging, assembly, delivery).

GC work, installation and maintenance

We can help you with the architectural requests, site survey, complete GC work and installation.

  • Site survey
  • Complet GC work - currently only in the Czechia
  • Installation